Instant Alerts


As an Alert Alfred user you'll be notified when your website goes offline and when it comes online again. Knowing when your website goes offline allows you to react accordingly, rather than being in a position where you don't notice and end up missing out on potential customers.

Alert Alfred will allow you to set your ping interval to anything between 5 and 120 minutes, meaning that your website will be checked as often as every 5 minutes or only every 2 hours, the choice is completely yours.

You will have access to when last your website went offline, how often it has gone offline, how long it went offline for as well as a number of other useful insights.

Never again will you have to worry about unnoticed downtime.

Website Statistics

As a free value added service, Alert Alfred will allow you to add your Google Analytics to your account and view the most important statistics right inside your account. With the click of a button you'll have access to the following statistics:

  1. Monthly Traffic
  2. Top Pages
  3. Organic Traffic
  4. Direct Traffic
  5. Organic Search
  6. Social Traffic

Take control of your website, know when it is online or offline and know how many visitors are visiting your site, and from where.

Multiple Websites


Anyone who signs up for Alert Alfred will be able to add 10 different websites to their account, absolutely free. Alert Alfred will monitor these websites constantly and provide you with offline/online notifications when the websites goes offline or comes back online.

If you would like control over more than 10 websites, please Contact Us and we will see what we can do for you.

Mobile Friendly


Alfred knows that people use mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, so he's ensured that the website is mobile friendly, allowing you to check your reports and statistics conveniently on your mobile device.

If you're someone who's on the go, you'll be able to react easily when your website goes offline and you're not in the office.